Monday, 13 September 2010

The One Where Twitter Kicks FaceBooks Ass

So Twitter versus Facebook.

Twitter 24 versus Facebook 16.

And what have we learnt?

Well, I voted for Facebook. Hear me out. Hear me out.

I love twitter.

I'm not naive. This Blog wouldn't be what it is with out. (What is it? Good question.)

So what's not to like?

Well. It can be bitchy as hell.

Two days running now there have been hashtag instances, where freedom of speech borders on deliberate incitement. Both Football related. Basically opposition fans, knowing their tweet will make its way onto a #MUFC feed.

I called a Liverpool fan on it, when he was Rooney baiting. Don't get me wrong. If it was Stevie G, (and one day it will be Stevie G), I'd be all over it. Would I throw a few anti Liverpool tweets into a Liverpool  fansite though? No. I may as well walk into a pub in a Liverpool, wearing a United shirt, and call them all scally bastards.

The other side of it is the jumped up celebrities of twitter. The ones who tweets are works of art. Not realising that that sort of precision probably makes them a bit sad.

I mean, I love twitter. But to have to live my life through it? Na. It looked like it was going that route last November/December. I remember sending a tweet saying I didn't like the idea of tweeting on Christmas Day. And that was it. I mean, it's on in the background now. I'm on it. But far less than I used too.

Look at the people that have dropped by the wayside. LJ (Butterflygrrl). Richy Cunningham (@Hhhmmm). They are people I really enjoyed banter with. But it becomes too much. Like you're living in each others pockets. Relying on it. Relying on companionship from strangers. I'm uncomfortable with that.

Then, out of the blue, something happens.

You realize there is talent there. Not the pretentious wordy tweeters. But Davie Legend and his guitar. October Jones with his drawings. (They're no Doodle Buddies, but hey... he has to start somewhere). It got me into Blogs. Wordless Wednesdays, and Icon Thursdays. It makes me want to write my Blog.

And from an information point of view?

Well, Stallone told me he had dinner with Bruce Willis the other night. That he wants him in the next Expendables, as the main bad guy. Two days later? On my film sites.

For football? Well, it's so far ahead of BBC and Sky Sports it's untrue.

United banned tweeting from press conferences this week. It was giving journos an unfair advantage on radio guys. The speed they were reporting news was instant.

It's incredible.

I watched United blow a two goal with Rio Ferdinand Saturday. Him sat on his couch. Me, er, sat in my Office, at work. No need to get into his head. No need to wonder what he was thinking.

Twitter comes alive. Whether it's gathering support for Davie Legends music. Or sending pictures of converse to GC.

The community aspect is something Facebook will never have. What it will have is a way of looking at pictures of hot chicks.

And farms. They fucking love those farms.

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