Monday, 13 September 2010

The One Where You Unfollow Me... Do I Want To Know Why?


So twitter won last weeks vote. That little post goes up tonight.

This weeks vote centres around twitter.

I would like to know when unfollowed... would you like to be told first?

If you have thoughts on this one, click the vote picture, and it will bring you back to this post. That way, you can comment.

That won't work on the iPhone version. Sorry.

Cheers to Nessa for this suggestion.


KyeLani said...

I'm personally baffled by some people's need for an explanation when they're unfollowed.

I've been unfollowed by a few people who've really surprised me over the past 18 months but I've never once felt like I needed an explanation.

When you follow someone you're not making any commitments, it's just a Twitter follow. You don't like someone's Tweets UNfollow, I don't see why it has to be either complicated OR a big deal :-/

p.s. say 'Hi' to Nessa for me ;o)

fionak26 said...

^^^^Everything she the obsession with follower numbers and amount of RTs concerns me too...whole thing's a bit obsessive. maybe cos I have lots of real friends in the real world, that I don't feel the need to count? also anyone who wants to have more followers than they follow, needs to have a wee chat with themselves. As soon as folks start believing they're a's more likely I'll unfollow. But not tell them why...I just literally move on.....

@maverick99sback said...

Thank you Ladies.

I've got to be honest and say the stat thing is worrying.

And there is an arrogance to "tweaking" numbers.

A bit sad really.


Nessa Louise said...

I must be one of the weird ones who does want to know why... Not every unfollow, just certain people who I considered real friends whose unfollow shocked me.

As far as the amount of followers... I couldn't care less, and very rarely even check the actual number.

I suggested this because I have heard so many people whinging about so and so unfollowing that I got curious if they knew why, would they change anything?