Sunday, 19 September 2010

The One Where MUFC Owed Liverpool That

Manchester United v Liverpool 3-2

I'll admit. There may have been a moment where I didn't believe.

Strange game this one. I've been mulling it over.

Fair play for the comeback, but I thought Liverpool were poor.

When the stats went up after 40 minutes and they had dominated possession... well, I choked. What had they been doing with the ball?

United weren't immense by any stretch, but Berbas first goal was the least we deserved.

The second deserves to be talked about for years. Watch it again, and focus on Giggs' reaction. If ever there was a been there, done that footballer, it must be Giggs. He looks like he's genuinely amazed though.

Then the pen. Clear cut.

Free kick. Calls for a red, and on my little iPhone, I thought the same. See it again, though, and there's no way Nando is getting to that.

Then, with seven minutes left, Berba became a Legend. And I mean that. Forlan was the same. United fans will never forget this. The fact that it's five games in, means United fans will be thinking this could be our year.

Chelsea were always going to hammer Blackpool - but seriously, their run in couldn't have been easier. Ridiculous. Lets see how they do at Citeh.

For us? Well, it doesn't excuse Rangers... But, it does put it in perspective. If Berba does this after a weeks rest, leave him out midweek, and let him loose on Bolton.

Rooney? Hmmm... Not sure. He did his bit. But nothing more.

A game that was hyped as Rooney versus Nando, ended up with a new hero. Those that know me, know I've defended Berba all along. The fact he's coming good now? Perfect.

Liverpool? Five points from five games. I couldn't care less. They've had the hardest set of games of anyone, to be fair.

I certainly hope they don't get relegated. I'd love us to do this to them every season.

Manchester Utd 1-0 Liverpool

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Manchester Utd 2-0 Liverpool

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Manchester Utd 3-2 Liverpool

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