Thursday, 23 September 2010

The One Where I Like Robin Hood More Than Gladiator

Oh Robin... where did it all go wrong?

Not for me of course. I'm talking about the infamous 3/10 review, from one of my Heros (Non-Ledger).

Me? I prefer it to Gladiator.

*cue mad scramble to nail me to the cross*

I love this film.

If you're new here, you may not know I love films even more when they are shunned.

Recently, there hasn't been a better example.

This film was savaged on initial release. It may have even got the Tookey Turkey. *shudder*

What you have here is the final nail in Ridley Scotts career, as some would have you believe. He's almost 80 years old - which I find mental. If I thought about it, he would have to be in my top five directors of all time. (Calm down, MC - Tony is up there too.)

But people have never got over Gladiator.

Like Diana, it's mass hysteria. Mass rejection for anything Scotts done since. (Black Hawk Down!)

When I went to see Kingdom Of Heaven I was sure there was a Directors Cut fighting to get out. It was the same here, although what Scott has done here, is far braver. He's added 16 minutes. And it's almost all dialogue.

I had to smile watching it, because if you didn't like it before, my god, you will hate it now.

If you did like it before, if you bothered to see it, getting both films on one (great value, crisp picture, stunning DTS sound) disc, you'll be laughing too.

I enjoyed the film just as much second time.

I love Prince Of Thieves. Unapologetically. But this? This is now my definitive version of Robin Hood.

Go and see it. But please don't decide it's the greatest movie of all time, like you did for Gladiator. Scott won't be around forever. I like it better when you don't turn me off his films.

I originally reviewed this at the flicks, here. Everything still applies for me. If anything, I love it more.

There will always be a part of me that wished they went with the original idea (discussed in that there link above). Maybe for another time. In another ten years, judging by the cycle.

This will do for now.

If you liked it, try this:

Oh sod it. And this:

Apologies to anyone expecting Bryan Adams.

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