Thursday, 16 September 2010

The One Where Love Film Drops The Ball


Away Days, Love Film? Really?

It's bottom on my list of 20 odd movies, FFS!

So... was it the disaster I was expecting...?

Well, hot on the heels of watching The Firm remake, where I discuss far more about the elements of Hooligans that fascinates/scares the crap out of me... I end up with this.

I've actually taken it off the Love Film list a few times, if I'm honest.

Crucially though, I've upped our Love Film from £7.99 for four a month/two at a time, but unlimited.

That essentially means I/we can make more mistakes.

And this was sort of a mistake.

It's an OK film.

Not  going to blow anyone away. And it's odd. Much like The Firm, it focuses more on the relationships than the football violence. (They go to one game, and there are three "fights", if you can call them that.)

I think that alienates a lot of your target audience right there.

So, I guess I'm saying the film suffers from better than all of that. That it rises above your standard fare.

Well. Yes and no.

The problem with not focusing on all that, is that it ends up a little... boring.

You'll know if it's your sort of thing, based on the subject matter.

The acting is better than you think. I'm told the soundtrack is by Joy Division. And there's a bit of sex and violence.

So not a mistake... but certainly not a classic, or anything close. On a rainy day, it will do. On any other? There's better things to be doing. Like watching Footy.

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