Friday, 17 September 2010

The One Where If You Own A 360, You Need To Get Halo Reach

"Don’t consider this a full review; consider it just a taste of my experience. Would you trust a movie review from someone who left the theater early?" - Jo Blo

Right, now I don't want to get labelled as a MW turn coat.


After a fair few plays on this, I just have to applaud.

And whilst it would be unfair to compare it with Black Ops (MW2 is dead to me now) -  Something is undeniable. They will be compared.

And whereas I thought Halo would be the one that rather that wasn't the case... Well, now... I'm not so sure...

Halo Reach does a few things, that probably couldn't be bettered.

The presentation of the menus (floating space ships, and lightning storms on distant planets - outright destroys Modern Warfare. So much so, you think they've not really bothered.

The music too, is awesome. Brilliant. Halo 3 was immense too, but here... it's varied. It out Zimmers Zimmer when it needs too. For tense levels, it out John carpenters John Carpenter - all subtle synth. Eerie. Unnerving.

So, presentation 1-0.

And that's before I mention that while the game is loading you can tweak your emblem, logo, clan name etc. Great way to kill time. *And* You have credits in game. That's nothing new, but the armour you buy has an effect on your strength in game. So in terms of trying to earn more credits to buy a cooler helmet, or battle armour for your chests... well, it sucks you in.

A couple of neat features in game?

Well, "how do you tackle cheats" clearly came up at their brain storm.

Two features that are a MUST for the next MW game, have to be...

1) If you quit games consistently, you get put on "probation". 15 minutes ban. Quit again, you're punished even more severely. It's a brilliant tactic. Basically encouraging you to stick the game out, even when you're having a mare. Now, I rage quit as much as anyone, so I actually learnt a lesson from this. It encouraged me to stop, and think.

One game mode, Sniper, is literally that. Sniper Rifle, plus Pistol. I was getting rinsed. Rinsed. Then, it made me stop and think about what I was doing. What I could change. That's a far better solution than running off like a baby.

2) If you kill a team mate, they have the option of kicking you.

Now, I'm laughing as I type. I was innocent and guilty with regards to this.

I was flying like a mentalist in one of those purple flying ships. I genuinely accidentally crashed into a team mate, killing him. He was not impressed. And he let me know. Next thing I know, I'm gone. I was a little confused... until a few games later.

I was running around, and got crushed under a giant tank. (A little like the ones in Phantom Menace).

A screen popped up, and gave me the choice. I booted him. I know, I know. I'm a little ashamed. The thing is, I was doing quite well, and I'm not 100% it was an accident. So I sent him packing.

Great fun. Arguably open to people abusing it, but on those instances it really worked. Plus Halo never throws you into a game, mid-game. Which I think evens it out.

So, veichles. That's 2-0. The tanks on World At War barely count. The beauty of these is starting a game, hearing a *beep beep*, and looking round to see someone asking you to ride shotgun. It worked well in Red Dead Redemption, but here? Here it's incredible. Get in one of the Avatar style attack ships, with someone on the gunner, and tell me you don't punch the air when you get a hit.

And that's the final point of distinction for me. Height.

One level, Spire?, is gorgeous. really tight, and quite small. Crucially, the map goes up. To the point where you can be hundreds of feet up having a gun ship fight, or snipe down on people.

Of course, you could always jet pack up there. They work brilliantly. Far more strategic than they have any right to be. Short bursts, to deceive gun fire? Or one huge boost to get as far as possible?

One level, again very tight, lets you jetpack out of the level. You actually fly out into space. No sound. Looking down on a planet, with broken space ships floating around. It's stunning. At one point I got killed going up there, and the death scene played out beautifully. A lifeless body with gun just floating around. Yeah. Pretty moving.

Lifts, why aren't they in COD? Here, they work incredibly well.

Instead of what we would expect as a lift, Halo has suction lifts, or jets, that force you up a level. It's all very Mario until you realise, ala Star Gate, you can throw a grenade in there. that goes up, clears the room, and you follow.

*Punches air*


Hey, Blomkamp? Stop fannying around and give us this, as your District 9 follow up.Ta.

NB: I've since been banned for fifteen minutes online, for my rage quitting. That encouraged half hour or so on the Campaign level. Pretty good. But single player isn't my bag, unless it's Pro Evo. I'll probably play it out. I can't imagine it will be my last ban. :-/


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My brother bought this brand new today. After playing it for 20 minutes, he comes out of his room mumbling something about life being too short. He’s gone to return it now.

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