Friday, 21 January 2011

The One Where ET Swims Faster Than A Shark

You know when you crash your car, and are looking for some good news?

Well, today Ethan had me beaming.

We went to the swimming pool, and after what seemed like an eternity of him holding on to my hand, then four fingers... then three... then two... yep, you guessed it... then one... he decided today he wanted to cut loose.

My Son doesn't do things by halves. He sits back, takes it all in, then just says "fuck it", and goes all out.

He doesn't literally say "fuck it". I'm doing quite well with my whole cutting out down swearing for 2011.

So for reward we undid all of the hard work and went for a McDonalds.  Except I really wanted a hotdog. So I said, "fuck it, ET... lets grab a dog".

I didn't literally say... oh, whatever.

So, for the princely sum of £2.65, let me tell you what we got...

One hotdog.
One fries. (eq of a Large at McDs).
One coffee. (Free refills).
Two doughnuts.
Two ice creams.

That's a lot of bang for your buck.

FFS, ET. What happened to not liking hot dogs?


Unbelievably... this wasn't my worst bit of recent driving...

ETs other love is eating ice creams from the bottom up... then, when I'm trying to drive, saying I should take it as he doesn't want it anymore.

A few other things have had me beaming today too. I'll post all of that tomorrow. And no, it won't be saucy.


Mo Howlader said...

1) where did you get the food from?
2) Ikea has a cheap cafe where you can get cheap ice cream....nice for the kids
3) I still eat ice cream from the bottom...bite a hole...suck some of the ice cream, then eat the rest of the cone which now has a nice layer of ice cream all the way round (try it)
4) I have not seen Ethan at the mosque lately...I am concerned

@maverick99sback said...

2) Er.... IKEA
3) Grow up (Plus a bit gay x)
4) Look at his face. He couldn't go jihad on anyone.