Sunday, 16 January 2011

The One Where I Get To Win This Time

Like art attack. But better.

Meet my new Emblem on Black Ops. (Below, not above... although that's cool, too.)

The strange thing is, cool as this is, in game, I've never seen anyone with it.


Whats better is now I rock the G11 (Cheers Flash), I have it red, so on the gun, the Emblem looks even better than it does on the Player Card. I could Prestige again, and may... but I'll enjoy the guns first I think.

I love Black Ops.

My Win:Loss ratio is positive now. Sounds simple, but I was surprised by how many peoples were in the minus. true, if you play different game types, it would be affected, but you play any game to win , right?

My Kill:Death is now 1.64, too.

Bailey reckons his is 1.73.

Fair enough. That's the next target.

Copy this, and you're not in Clan <LEDG>? That pain in your back will be my serated knife severiung your spine*.

Talking of knives in the back... This is Theatre mode. It can't claim to be the first of its kind, as UC2 and probably a few other shave had it too. The thing is, I never bothered with those. Today, going 29:1, I had a little play.

This is my ode to my favourite Directors. See if you can spot nods to De Palma and Fincher!

I had great fun with this, but the fact you can get the camera loose and roll around the map... It's mind boggling. I can't lie, I can see myself using this to analyse how I played.




Er... I was just kidding.


*Nervous laughter*

Black Ops was my game of last year, no question. Well, tied with PES2011, anyway.... So I started thinking... what could de-throane it?

I hate to say it, but that day may come sooner than I'd like.

Kill Zone 3 looks incredible.

I always thought the running effect was something COD should lift. Plus the lighting effects on KZ2 were fantastic. It was a great game in general, actually. This looks different class, though.

And it's in 3D. Roll on March...

*That's Black Ops talking.

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