Thursday, 20 January 2011

The One Where 127 Hours Makes Me Wince

127 Hours is a brilliant film.

The energy from the opening credits alone is more than most films can muster - but lets be honest. This is Danny Boyle. One day he may get the credit he deserves. I know that sounds crazy after Slumdog, but not a huge amount of that praise was for him.

So why am I not sure if I'll ever buy the Bluey...?

Lets do the positives first.

James Franco is incredible. If it weren't for Blue Valentine I'd like a shiny statue for him. He embodies the role, and reminds us all that he acted Tobie Maguire off the screen in the Spidey films. (I stand by Tristan And Isolde being underrated, too!)

When he meets up with two hotties (sorry Ju), they dive into a cavern, straight into the bluest water you've ever seen. it reminded me of The Beach (underrated. Fact). So beautiful.

It looks stunning. Sunrises. Great scenery. Typical playful shots and decisions from Danny Boyle. It all feels very much like a film I'd want to watch again.

Then the hotties leave.

Then he falls down another hole. Not so much his choice this time, though.

Now, at the risk of contradicting myself, this is where Franco earns his plaudits - yet it's exactly where I stepped out of the movie.

Boyle knows Franco being stuck in a hole is going to take some serious acting chops. But he's also clever enough to realise that he can be creative.

Cue nightmares, and visions.

One in particular was thrilling. It starts to rain. And doesn't stop. So much so that Franco gets his arm released, and gets to run free. Have his little Shawshanke (Baaaaa) moment in the rain. Then he falls. Again. Jokes aside, its very clever, and works well.

Another, is that he sees his family, sat on a sofa, as if they are viewing the whole thing.

Then, with out spoiling things, after drinking his own urine to survive the 127 hours, he realises how he needs to get free. And, credit where it's due, I could barely watch. Not because of the gore. As far as lopping your own arm off goes, its very tasteful. But the sound when he cuts his nerves will live with me forever. It's easier to close your eyes than it is to close your ears, you know?

And for now at least, that's why I won't be buying the Bluey.

And why, when Davie Legend asked what I thought... I said I loved it, but that I would be happy if I never see it again.

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