Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The One Where Karate Kid 2010 Would Kick Mr Miyagis Ass

The opening scene of Karate Kid (2010) is important.

One, we realise this will be a real coming of age story - especially as Jaden marks on relevant dates from his child hood.

Second, we realise that don't want to crane kick him in the face.

And after a viewing on Blu Ray, I'm staggered to say, I love his performance even more...
Yes Jon, it looks fantastic. Happy now?

The thing is, this remake, maybe more than any other, has met serious resistance.

I love the original as much as anyone. I watched that and maybe four other movies until the VHS ran out in the eighties.

But really, if we're honest, this is a far better film.

When the opening moves on to the plane, and John Mayer kicks in, I fell in love again.

It's long - but doesn't drag.

It's cliched - but still lovable.

I really recommend this film.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Yes. Even if you love the original as much as Jon and I.

And Jackie Chan whilst in the car?

Oscar quality.

JMcG and I went to see this at the cinema, and review it in a bit more detail, HERE.

Besides... there's room for both films, right?

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