Thursday, 27 January 2011

The One With Green Hornet

The One Where It’s Not So Much A Review, As A Plea To You To See It, So I Get A Sequel

OK, shit just got real. Phil over at LFF, (my second Home), is helping by posting this tonight... but I need a favour. I need you all to go see The Green Hornet. 2D/3D whatever. I want a sequel to this more than I want to break Eva Mendes' hip... Grandpa style.

The first five minutes of Green Hornet were appalling I turned to my cinema buddies and called it. “Worst five minutes to a movie… ever”.

Then, and I had managed to avoid this, there is a cameo. And everything felt like it was settling down.

Then, and I am pleasantly surprised by this, I ended up really enjoying it.

The best thing for me was that the comedy was pitched perfectly for me. There were bits where the three of us were genuinely laughing out loud (LOL!). But it dawned on me… not many others were. In fact, considering the films only a week old, and it was that most awful of things (*whispers* Orange Wednesday), things didn’t look great. I know that is just a tiny microcosm of a films performance, but unless there is something in Southampton’s water, (there is),  then they just didn’t get it.

And that’s a shame.

Not a crying shame, mind. Most of the world didn’t get Observe And Report either. I’ll be  honest, I didn’t even see it until Tarantino put it in his Top 10 of the year – but this film is very similar. Seth Rogen is someone I could happily watch. I love the way he pitches his comedy -  there is sort of a Ricky Gervais vibe about it.

One bit where the Black Beauty gets to tour the streets, they put on a classic nineties tune, and it just blew me away. So tongue in cheek. So knowing that if they have fun making the movie they may help us have fun watching.

Most people’s issues with the film seem to be the mix of action and comedy not working. Again, it really worked for me. “Kato Vision”, which seems to be a love it it or hate it, was quite cool – like a mix between Sherlock Holmes and Bruce Lee, (who gets a nice tribute).

Kato deserves a huge amount of credit for making it all work, too. When he’s drunk and starts talking Chinese, you start to see another side to the character. Now, I can’t sell this as a character piece – the idea of the Hornets origin being partly down to how he was Fathered didn’t work for me. In fact, I still can’t believe the film recovered from the opening scene, which was a huge misstep.

The fact that it did is a credit to the two leads. Waltz is decent enough. I hope there is a 15 Bluey, as the suggestion of the two-barreled gun was never followed through. He shoots one guy, who falls, with two bullets holes and blood falling from the holes. It felt like it was from another film, or at least a harder cut of the same film.

So… has Gondry sold out? Well, personally, I think Eternal Sunshine was vastly overrated, but I totally appreciate he has style. There were four or five bits where he really expressed that. One, a Bennie hill style love scene, as Brett passes through his Dads garage with a lady friend works really well – and gives us an insight into his playboy lifestyle.

Secondly, he does the Kato Vision thing, and then finally… er… “Hornets Vision”. Both worked, but I can see how it will take some people out of the film.

Thirdly, he made the best use of split screen I’ve seen since Jackie Brown. It was really refreshing to see someone try something different.

So that’s that. Short but sweet. I need anyone that was 50/50 to go see this. I can’t be the only one to hate the idea of The Kings Speech on a Friday night… Can I??

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