Friday, 18 June 2010

"My Team Is Dead... They're All Dead"

The One Where I Couldn't Do What I Wanted, So Problem Solved Like The Logical Guy I Am

If you knew what I'd been through to get here, you wouldn't believe it.

The long and the short of this, is I was told my contract with Vodafone ended in November.

Bringing that forward 90 days, meant I could get an iPhone4 next week, and just run a second contract for a while.

Then... a call from Vodafone, with a correction. My contract ends in Jan. That means November is 90 days forward.

Well I have a problem. I'm phone less. In the sense, this little thing (Nokia 5800), has played me up since day one. I mean it when I say it, it's the worse phone I've ever had that didn't have a form of Snake on it.

And so a dilemma. Contract wise, next week was a huge no-go. I pay £45 a month. I'm not doing that, times two. For five months, until November.


I asked around, did some homework.

The best option, which I still couldn't really afford, was to buy a phone. And hence this. Refurbished. One year guarantee. All I need is to sell the Nokia, and touch, for the price promised, and I almost break even.

I get a phone I can use. Get rid of one I can't. "Justify" a £45 tariff, by being able to utilise minutes/net etc. And crucially, crucially, don't get drawn into a contract.

Then, in November, if I wanted, I could trade the 32gig 3-g-s in for an iPhone4. Contract permitting.

Cheers to Fi and Sarah. And Mike and GC, who have listened to me go over, and over, and over, and over, and over about this.

NOW... where the HELL do I get those coasters?

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