Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The One Where I Go Back To The Future

So, I finally got round to watching the Back To The Future box set that I was kindly given for Xmas.

It's been an 80's fest on the 50", and I make no apology for it. First Karate Kid, now this.

So what is my view?

Well, my view is the box set is £17.99 in most places now, so if you have a Blu Ray player, and like the films, why quibble?

I'll write this as if you've already realised that and just want to know what I thought was cool/worth noting.

I went to see Back To The Future at the cinema for it's re-release in the Summer. It was part of what made me get a cinepass, if I'm honest. I can't remember if I reviewed it, and this Blog is becoming so exhaustive now,  I can't be arsed to look.

The essential part of the story though, is that JMcG couldn't go, or chose not too, so he could go with GMcG. That's right Ladies, that guy has a heart, as well as Keanu Reeves good looks.

Then, he didn't go. And I did. And I couldn't really go on about it, out of respect. You see, not going, was up there as one of JMcGs biggest ever regrets. Maybe even as bad as telling me about the G11. But not quite.

So anyways, I went straight to Part II, for this particular showing. I know exactly what I'm getting from the original, and wanted to see if the transfer was as good as everyone had been saying.

It was.

So much better than Karate Kid in fact, it makes me glad Karate Kid was 7 bucks, 77.

Two things strike me about Part II.

One is that it is still way ahead of it's time. The way it links back into the first one is crazy. Almost like Spielberg and Zemeckis sat that and thought... how crazy can we go?

It's just a head fuck, if we're honest. Excuse the french, but there's no other word. And I know I said I'd watch my swearing in 2011, so consider that me thinking that F-Bomb was absolutely necessary. (Sorry Helen).

What I do love though, is the film, and the characters (remember when characters were people you cared about?), pull you through. And they pull you through because A> It's so fun. And B> It's so light hearted they just don't care.

The second thing that strikes me is the way the trilogy links the films together. I paid respect to Karate Kid Part II for the same thing, HERE - but Back To The Future takes it to another level.

The way Part II ends, with the To Be Continued... line... well, it's just perfect. To then have a sort of trailer mash up for Part III? Genius.

JMcG goes on (and on), about how he remembers sitting in the cinema, wanting Part III NOW!!

I've never been that much of a fan, but remember watching the first one over and over (and over), so have a connection with that at least.

Part III has always bugged me. I don't know why. I love a good Western, and I love that the Delorean finally goes back to 1885, as it threatens to do in Part II... but, well, it still bugs me.

I know there are loads that love it. Some mentally, more than Part I or Part II. But that's mental.

To start with, when Marty drives through the screen, to make it to the Wild West, the perspective is all wrong. Then, he hides in the cave, comes out, the Cavalry see him, he hides, and no one questions it. It's like joining the dots. And I find that frustrating.

I know that to have the Indians see him would slow everything down, but that's the film I'd rather see.

That said, when Marty gets to Hill Valley, meets his Great grand parents... it gives you an idea of the potential of this series. Then, when he strolls in to town, and sees the Hill Valley clock being built, it's perfect again.

Image is spot on for the Bluey - but unsurprisingly, as I found with the cinema re-release, it's all about the DTS Baby. Crank it up to 88.

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