Thursday, 13 January 2011

The One Where I Sweep The Leg, Johnny

I love the 1984 version of Karate Kid, so take this with tongue firmly in cheek. I've added a lot of exclamation marks... you know... for dramatic effect!

I'm not sure if it's turning 30 in a few weeks, and feeling old and haggard, but what once seemed fresh and new, now seems like it was made years ago.

The remake hasn't helped, as you can see HERE.

I paid £7.77 for both Blueys, and JMcG was right, my collection feels a bit more complete as a result. (Certainly with the first one, anyway).

So I thought I'd do  a double bill...

The opening of Karate Kid is hilarious. For a start, when Danny leaves for his new home, the kids waving him off are half his age. Them randomly, another kid appears on the left, and shouts something at the car. I'm not sure if it's deliberate or not... Mainly because the camera is so far back. We hear Danny but don't see him for about three minutes, when he finally gets his Hero shot. Deep.

This could be a Western, really.

The mountains. The galloping score by Bill Conti. The Horses. Their battered car.

It's very... 80's.

From a Bluey point of view the picture gets much sharper when they get to California, as it's a bit scratchy to start with. You know... a bit 80's.

The music continues to amaze during the Beach scene. Including slow mo shots of Elizabeth Shue (HOT!), and close ups of hot fires. HOT! This whole damn film starts to warm up. If only Bananarama were on the soundtrack with Cool Summer. You know... to cool this film damn. Eh? Cruel Summer? I thought it was Cool Summer? Shit. Still works.

It starts to become a real "coming of age" drama. Except it's a 15. And that puzzles me. The new one, and the sequel, are PGs. Terminator has been downgraded to a 15. So what gives?

I thought about this, and can only think of one answer... hot dang, Elizabeth Shue is HOT!

Fear does not exist in this Dojo... does it?

What I love about 80's movies is the innocence. Nowadays, if Elizabeth Shue was flirting, (I wish!), and she kicked a football miles away (conveniently to the place where the Cobra Kai are!!), then just walked off... well, if it was a summer blockbuster we would call it out. Here? Here we just shrug our shoulders.

That scene literally makes no sense. Why does she boot the ball away? Then he says... "Oh, don't worry, I'll get it". Runs off. Gets his ass kicked. It is there soley to let the Cobra kai have their villainous entrance. Drinking brewskis? Whilst riding mopeds? That's crazy! They must be the bad guys! (With the greatest bike helmet ever).

My biggest frustration whilst watching the first one is I always think Peter Cetera will kick in. Patience, Daniel San.

Holy shit... look what I found! I had these figures. They were amazing!

God I miss the 80's. I saw Hot Tub Time Machine t'other day which was about the 80's. But it was rubbish. JMcG liked it so much he leant it to me. I wasn't sure how to tell him I thought it was poor. Very, very poor. So I thought I'd Blog about it. Hopefully writing about the 1984 version of Karate Kid will counteract that.

Plus it's his fault I crashed my car t'other day.

Anyway. MC gives me stick for loving the remake. When the original gets going, it's pure 80's. And that's a special thing. But lets not pretend it's ageing.

Lets not pretend it could have done with some Peter Cetera, or maybe even Chicago.

GC is doing Icon Thursday again. Todays was most Iconic movie quote. He'll probably go for something no one has ever heard of. I think we all know it's "Sweep The Leg Johnny".

Back in a min with Karate Kid II!

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