Friday, 6 August 2010

The One Where I Will Love You Forever More

I've been married five years.

That's incredible for me to type.

It's flown by, it really has.

I judge my happiness based on wondering where else I may be, what else I may be doing.

I might have gone travelling. I may have lived a little more dangerously, got a job that is a little less sensible, that sort of thing... Who am I trying to kid? I was only ever going to end up here. It was my destiny.

I have an incredible life. An amazing Wife. A gorgeous Son. A house we built from scratch, and turned into the house of our dreams. I wouldn't change a single thing.

Everything, EVERYTHING, is as it should be.

Just to share our morning with you...

You're all thinking, AT can't really be that much of a kid at home, too. I am.

I got Ethan an envelope and when he opened, him and Ju had to guess what the pictures meant.

Have a guess yourself - answers on a postcard.

Then, the @McleveyArtist masterpieces. I'll post them now, but will do a more in depth thing in the next few weeks. Himself and @jeninher30s are top, top people. I got the impression they pulled out all the stops to get this done for me - then thought, they are that good at what they do, they probably never broke a sweat.

So thank you, guys. Genuinely. You have a customer for life, now.

@DiaryOfALedger did a cool piece last week, so check it out. Then check AMc website out. Peruse. Buy things.

A word of warning though... buy once... you'll want more!

Then, the Mac stepped up. And Mrs T cried happy tears.

Bring on the first two weeks of August, 2011, with MC and Anakin. You have my words guys, there will be no "Razorlight moment" from me. Thanks for joining us.


Anonymous said...

You are a great couple and many congratulations, the ones to your left aren't bad either. The bloke reminds me of De Niro........

@maverick99sback said...


@maverick99sback said...

Oh, and cheers


dumbwitness said...

Congratulations. @asilmcs and myself clock up 11 years next Saturday, 2 fantastic sons to share it with us. We're spending the day at a family wedding, same venue we celebrated at 11 yrs ago!

@maverick99sback said...

^ Darren, that's class.

I love it when life goes full circle, like that.

Have a great day.