Thursday, 13 January 2011

The One Where I Live For Film

Two more posts up on Live_For_Films. I always get a buzz adding the films title to the left hand colomn. I don't really want that list to ever end. And what is better, is that everyone that gets posted is creating a list of my favourite movies of all time.

Except Resident Evil: Afterlife. Which is shit.

Cheers to Phil for putting them up there, on what we all realise is the best film site around.

I'm serious.

I genuinely used to go to Aint It Cool, Jo Blo and Chud. Now, I'm staggered if they have beaten Phil to any news.

That plus his love of 80's retro flicks make it feel like Home every time I log on.

If you're in to films, (and lets face it, if you ended up here you probably are), go. Now.


So, as ever, hit the pictures and go there. Have a look around while you're there. I think you'll understand why I spend so much time there.

*This review previously appeared on DiaryOfALedger.Com

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