Thursday, 25 November 2010

The One You Don't Want To Read

Have you ever been told not to look... and all you've wanted to do is look?I've always had that.

I just can't not look.

Once a year, a film comes out where we're told we can't look. Told in fact that the release will be delayed, whilst the BBFC apply cuts.

Maybe it's me getting old in the tooth, but who are the BBFC to say what I can and can't watch?

I'm 30 next year. Ancient. Even my Dad can't tell me what I can watch anymore.

I know he'll be really disappointed I've watched this. To be honest, I'm a bit disappointed myself.

Don't hit any of the links, OK? They're for me. Not you.

But, coming back to my earlier point, I couldn't not watch it.

Since I saw the red band trailer a few weeks ago, I knew I'd end up seeing it.

On reading up, and hearing four minutes had been uncut, including a whole scene...

Well, I had to see it for myself.

The thing is, there is two things at play here.

One, is my love of films - meaning any film garnering this much attention), and it has to be said great reviews), needs to be seen.

The second is my hatred of censorship. I want to be able to judge for myself, right or wrong. It's only a film, right?

The third, which I'm throwing in there, is my own thing. As I've said, if you tell me not to look, I'll look. Even if I know what I see won't be nice. But crucially, I'll look because what's in my head is normally far worse.

In this case?

I'm not so sure.


moviegrrl said...

Saw the BBFC edited version last night and no scene has been cut in its entirety.
Cut version still plays well, still horrific, but director feels the message has changed.
My review will be up later, but I suspect we'll agree to differ

@maverick99sback said...

That would be the Newborn scene, then.

With out showing it, the whole "raped from Birth" message is probably diluted.

I don't disagree it's very well made, and undeniably powerful... but could I ever recommend it? No.

Could I ever stomach it, again? I'm not sure.

It falls in there with Irreversible and Anti Christ for me.

An unholy trinity.

DavieLegend said...

I just didn't get what you were trying to say with this review. Why were you told not to watch it? What was your verdict now you've watched it? What is it? Am I missing something?

@maverick99sback said...

Google "Newborn Porn", Davey. Or don't.

This review is deliberately vague.

I wrote a proper one that went up on Live For Films, that I'll post up here soon.

It's a gruelling film. Maybe the most controversial ever. Very graphic. Very disturbing. But very good. (In an uncompromising, grim sort of way).