Monday, 24 January 2011

The One Where You Forgive Sean For LOXG

Well holy shit for Sean Connery.

The vote is in, and unless Jax really did sit there hitting Connery over, and over, and over... well, it was pretty unanimous.

I'm not really surprised.

I have great memories of going to see The Living Daylights at Aldershots flea pit cinema, so I have a soft spot for Dalton. That said, Dad went to see Licence To Kill with out me, so fuck him. (Dalton, not my Dad. Obviously).

Then, I remember the re-launch of Goldeneye. Dad and I qued around the block to see it at Camberley. Great times, and for me, still up there as the best Bond film. Studying it during Media Studies at A-Level should have tarnished that. The fact it made me love it more speaks volumes.

Then Casino Royale kicked us all in the balls. QoS is underrated, (in a way similar to LTK, for me). And Bond 23 is green lit. Sam Mendes is in, which is awesome.

But lets not pretend we don't want a Tarantino Bond movie. Maybe with a Connery cameo...

Oh, and my favourite Bond film with Connery? Never Say Never Again. Deal with it.

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Jax said...

Dear Mr At Maverick's Back 99,

I promise not to fuck with your vote this time.

Mr Connery is the bees bloody knees though.