Saturday, 29 May 2010

"Don't Call It A Comeback - I've Been Here For Years"

The One Where I Announce Hughes As A United Icon... And Then He gets Linked With Liverpool The Following Fricking Day

This goal had my on the floor, rolling around, punching the air.

Brilliant. Of course it led to our first double. Chelsea fans would do well 
to remember we've done two more since.

The Final that followed was one of the most one sided ever. We 
destroyed them. Hughes is a United Legend. He became a bit of a 
journeyman after leaving a second time. What he did have though, 
was something I wanted Becks to always have. And what I still hope 
Ronaldo will have. A comeback.

Some think he's tainted himself forever from taking the hot seat at 
Gold Trafford. I disagree. City were appalling to him. That endeared 
him to United fans, again. Now all we need to do is get Ray Wilkins 
back from Chelski.

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