Saturday, 29 May 2010

"You're 'Outta Here, McFly!"

The One Where Tom Cruise Says, "Not Cool", In The Coolest Way Ever

This week... Why you'll think Tom Cruise is cool again, this summer... Nic Cages' glorious hair... And Hoverboards. Finally.

Some of the cool things that caught my eye, in the latter part of the week. I hope you all appreciate my efforts to not post as much, and instead save things, like these, for one giant post. Hope they're not too eclectic. 

I also added some bits to the Blog, so it may be a good time to point them out. The Pages will take you to my fellow Brothers Blogs... or websites. The Re tweet function is a cool thing I had seen on GCs Blog. Any RTs welcome! Same with the FB addition, at the bottom of each post. Both are just indicators someone is actually reading!


Just awesome. I love art. Again, saw this on LiveForFilm. It makes you wonder why so many posters for films are "floating heads"... there's clearly artists out there, that can do a better job.

It makes me want to watch The Warriors again too. "Come out to Plaaayyy". I remember seeing the video when I was younger, and the controversy, that surrounded it. If ever a film was due a remake... They should let Walter Hill do it, too.

There are no words for this. Just genius, from Saw the trailer for Sorcerers Apprentice before Persia, and thought it looked good fun. Kick Ass was obviously amazing... and Bad Lieutenant? Cracking film. Cage is unhinged. His best performance since Leaving Las Vegas, for me.

This ones for Cheese. He's always saying how he would love to meet Lohan. Not for the obvious reasons... but because he thinks she needs a friend. Then he saw her as a nun in Machete, and looked like he shot his load. Still... this could be good? And again, great artwork. Very "of the time".

Seriously? "Not Cool!" Might be the sleeper of the summer.

Also, as a new idea... "Capsule Reviews". If I see something, but don't have loads to say, they may end up here. Therefore, I give you two trailers. In this case, both with a fair bit in common. Both dark comedies, with plenty of action. I enjoyed both. They are the sort of films I should Love Film, but will probably buy.

A great trailer, I think. It's every bit as stylish as it looks - which will turn 
some off. Location names show up in 3-d etc. but I liked it. It zipped 
along. Plus it has Zoe Saldana.And maybe more importantly, Chris 
Evans - who again, is immense. I would've liked a tad more in the way 
of bloodshed, as it's quite tame, (people get shot in the leg, and carry 
on running) - but I would def see it again.

It has Val Kilmer. As Dieter Von Cunth. What's not to like? Very 
stupid. An American Austin Powers. What I love about it, is it 
knows it's stupid. So anyone dismissing it for being stupid... well... 
they're stupid. I could watch both films again, that alone is 
enough for a thumbs up, from me.

Thats my worst Doodle Buddy ever. With a thumbs up. It's 
a bench, not a chair. He should be in a white suit.

Also, for clarity, that's one thumbs up each, not between 
them. I could have done one each, but that would 
look like two...

*carries on rambling into the night*



HOVERBOARD - NILS GUADAGNIN from nils guadagnin on Vimeo.

Just remember, guys, until next time...

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