Saturday, 29 May 2010

"I Am An Insect"

The One Where WatchoTalkinBoutWillis Died

This week... Michael Keaton in an FBI t-shirt... Captain America rumours... And Devin on changes my way of thinking. Or does he?

So... JoBlo have seen the Captain America suit, eh? Swines. Sounds good, though. Better than good, actually. I love that Marvel are creating a Universe, of their own. I remember in Batman and Robin there was a Metropolis gag... and... not a lot else. I also loved that Ray Nicolette showed up in Jackie Brown, after being in another Elmore Leonard film, Out of Sight. Different directors, but both knowing fans would appreciate that. Reservoir Dogs name checks Vic Vega, too. I love it. 

But if Cap'n is set in, and around, WW2... how will they link into the Universe? We know Howard Stark is in it... Will we see Tony Stark born? Or, or, or... The mind boggles. They've done a good job so far, to be fair.

Most of you will be aware, of how the Ledgers formed. Pro Evo tournament booked, then... *disaster* Heath Ledger died. The cup, that's a permanent fixture at Truscott Towers, was named after him. Yesterday, we lost another Hollywood Ledgend. A really little one. Probably with a big heart. Expect a "Watcho Talkin' 'Bout Willis Cup", soon. I think I may keep it. Sleep well, little Gary. Sleep well. 

Fair dos  to Devin, on Not only does he talk to me on twitter, he has me thinking... He gave Robin Hood 3/10. Now he's given Persia 5/10. It's an interesting argument. He's probably right, but the scores just seem really low. Harshly so. I won't lose sleep over it, but it's why I'll never score any of my reviews. Opinions are subjective enough, with out throwing stars around. Seriously though... 3/10?? Idiot. Hit the links, here, and here, to see my opinions of both films. And my opinions are better than his.

Then it's capsule time... Human Centipede. MC had pointed it out on the Stag, showing me the trailer. I want to be as quick as I can, as the whole thing has left me feeling a bit queasy. It's not an overly bloody film, but it's just the idea... It's led to many a thread on IMDB about what number you would like to be in a Human Centipede. *stomach rolls*. It's hard to recommend it, other than to say you've seen it. I love it when films get Internet buzz. I love reports of people leaving theatres, because they couldn't hack it. I cant stir any emotions about this, apart from the fact I don't think I'll ever eat that McDonalds this weekend. A whole new meaning to "ass to mouth", indeed. *pukes in mouth*

See you soon - and remember...

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