Friday, 28 May 2010

"Do You Know What She Did...???"

The One Where The Demons Unleashed Purple Puke... Everywhere

"Come on then champ... Breakie, Nana, Sandpit, VCP, then lunch.... Oh...."

Hmmmm... Not quite going to plan. Still, nothing gets between me and a Bacon and Sausage baguette, so...

It's a miracle. He's up! He never sleeps that early, but when Ju is at work he "drinks himself into oblivion" (with milk). Then... on the way to Victoria Country Park... DISASTER!

That's right... everywhere! Time for a costume change from both of us, I think.

We carried on after a costume change to Hamble to look at the boats. Two minutes and he's bored, so onto VCP.

VCP is "OK", but the beach is the best bit, and this little lake we found. Sophies Lake? No... it's our lake.

Until we got mercilessly surrounded, at least, and ran like girls - screaming.

I know what you're thinking... I enjoyed the Park more than him. Harsh. But fair. Time for a McDonalds. Then in a Que at the drive through... DISASTER!

Home for Peppa Pig, me thinks. And all the way home, all he can say?

"Lets get chippies now, Daddy... please"


fionak26 said...

I enjoyed this one!

@maverick99sback said...

Haha. Yeah. The idea of me being covered in purple sick, is most peoples "one wish"!

KendallJaye said...

Nine pictures down:
How'd you get that to balance on his head? :)