Friday, 21 May 2010

"I Know What You're Thinking... "Did He Fire Six Shots, Or Only Five?""

The One Where I Realise #RDR May Be Special...

So if you read this, you'll know I've had an hour, if that. I knew it would be good looking, even though reports like this (below), sometimes make me regret falling in love with my PS3.

So I banked on it being pretty. I outright knew I loved the idea. I had 
heard it was huge in scope. But, as is my way, I hadn't even thought 
about game play. A feature that made Uncharted 2 my game of last 
year, despite its repetitions.

Well. It plays like a dream. R1 brings out your gun, leave it 10 
seconds, and the gun goes back automatically. R1 held brings up 
a cycle of weapons. Choose one, hold R2 and zoom to the nearest 
bad guy. Get good, and you do that like you are quick drawing. Lift, 
shoot, re-aim. It works brilliantly. One mission had me and the Sheriff 
taking out a campsite of bandits. Of course, the temptation is to kill the 
Sheriff... and you can. But do I want to spend my life on the run? 
Not yet.

5 seconds into my first game I shot an old man... you know. To see 
if you can. Arrested. Game over.

I haven't even touched the multi player. I have Sherlock Holmes 
to watch tonight, so may not even do that until Saturday.

I just feel I can relax knowing it's there if I need it. Escapism at it's best. 
I am pleasantly surprised it is living up to the hype. Like UC2? Like 
GTAIV? You should already have it.

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