Tuesday, 25 May 2010

"AK-47... When You Absolutely Got To Kill Every 'Mutha In The Room... Accept No Substitutes"

The One Where I Review Sherlock

So I did indeed "ruin" my Kill Bill double bill by watching Death Proof the other day. And during a film show of Sherlock Holmes, I noticed a similarity...

The best bit in DP is the first crash. Shown, from four perspectives. Each of the victims given gory close ups.

Then, on a few occasions in SH, Guy Richie plays the same trick. We see a scene, then see it again from a different perspective. It's a great little trick. I'm not sure it's ever been done better than in Jackie Brown. (God... I do love QT, don't I?) But I like that people try it.

Other pluses of SH? Robert Downey Jr. He's 3/3 with this and the Iron Man films, for me. Before that though... Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Zodiac. Yep. That will do it.

I think Jude Law bashing has died down a bit, too. Their banter is great. It works really well. There are similarities with this and Robin Hood, (asides from Mark Strong - who I cant remember from Sunshine??), whereby they are clearly trying to set up a next film. I get that. I also think  that if they work on their own merits, leave it be. What does it matter? They may never make another SH, or RH. That would be a shame. Both still work on their own. So, no matter what - it shouldn't be a mark against the films, and from some, it has been.

It's a zippy little film. Un-offensive. Looks good on Blu too, but, as has been the case recently, the sound took it up a level. There is a bit where MS is talking all black magic like, and it was coming through the back speakers. Even Ju thought that was cool.

Def worth a rent, maybe even a buy. But see it. I enjoyed it as much as seeing it, hung over with 2/3 Ledgers on New Years Day.

The other thing I like? Mrs T likes it. And the Bluey has a lenticular case. I'm a sucker for a nice case.

*Looks at tin Minority Report case, and strokes it*

Hahaha! I wanted to show the time lapse scene in the mall. Couldn't find it. Some would say this (^) is better than the actual film, though. Idiots.

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