Sunday, 30 May 2010

"I'll Kill Anyone Who Touches You... 'Cos That's My Job"

The One Where I Wonder If Sad And Depressing Is Just My Thing...

The Road looks immense, on Blu. I knew that, and had heard the DTS lossless audio was one of the best around. I can confirm both. The problem is the film itself...

Starting with shots of a beautiful garden, and Viggo horse whispering - he loves those damn horse. His wife is pregnant. Then night. And all you can see, and hear, outside the window is a raging fire. It's a pretty gripping opening. And the film doesn't let up. It's dark, dark, dark.

But I  love that. Surely there is a place for films like this, amongst all the sugar coated stuff. You know, like Bedtime Stories Ethan made me buy him last night.

I've never read the book. Those that know me, know I don't read. I watch. The irony in there is I did an English Lit degree. Go figure. For my first year I also studied Film. The problem was that I didn't know what I wanted to do. I was clearly more passionate about Film, and Media, but almost loved it too much. So I dropped it... that year though, wow. We had a cinema as part of the Uni, and I got to see a ton of films I'd never got to see at the cinema. Loved it. I would go in on my days off, just to see films, from other lectures.

The Road would have been one of those. It's a film makers film. It was never going to make money. It was impossible for Hollywood to sell. In light of the praise No Country For Old Men got, and I love that, too - it should have found an audience. Even if it was just snobby broadsheet readers. But no one could be arsed.

I went to see it, and it just rattled me. It's visually arresting. Viggo is one of the best actors around at the moment. His Cronenbourg double bill, has him on my "list" for good. He owns the film. So why no praise? To gritty? Too... depressing? Well, look at the five Oscar Noms for this year - they're all troubled roles. So I don't get it. For most, this film just does not connect.

Those that know me, will know I love that. Truth is, the praise heaped on No Country, turned me off a bit. I hate being spoon fed - let alone how opinions shoved down my throat. When a film is a multi Oscar winner, it has that effect. See this... It's brilliant!

So I'm glad it went under the radar.

I sent GC the trailer last year, probably as my first contribution to his fine Blog. It was just as there was a buzz gathering for the film. The buzz just didn't go anywhere.

I think the kid is OK. Not amazing. But as I say, you could throw Daniel Day Lewis in there, and Viggo would act him off the screen. He's certainly not terrible - especially as he probably can't fully comprehend the story he's partly telling.

A quick word on John Hillcoat. This and The Proposition is a fine double. He's hardly prolific. I'll stick my neck out and say if he carries on, especially meandering at such a pace, he may be the next Terence Mallick.

With the obvious spoilers it would entail, DM me if you've seen it, and fancy a chat. As I say, it's one of those that reminds me of Film Studies. That will be enough to put some right off. But it's a film well worth talking about.

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