Thursday, 2 September 2010

The One Where I'm Uncomfortably Numb From Killer Inside Me


I've wanted to see The Killer Inside Of Me since Total Film and Empire said it was the most controversial film of the year.

Well, they weren't wrong.

There's far more to the film than misogyny and cold blooded killings, though.

Casey Affleck for a start. Is there a better actor around at the moment? GC finally saw what he was all about with Jesse James, and he's been doing it for a while.

Here, he's leading man status. Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson being the loves of his life.

The film is ticking along nicely. Affleck is clearly a bit unhinged, ala Patrick Bateman. Then he snaps. He slips on some black gloves and beats a woman to death. Telling her he loves her the whole time, and working up a sweat, that's uncomfortable, as you believe he's doing it for real.

When he's done, there's nothing left of her face.

I instantly think of Irreversible. Anyone that's seen that, will know nothing can prepare you for the revenge scene. Rapist + Fire Extinguisher in face.


This is up there, no question.

The fact that it's to a woman adds another element.

Now, I don't do books. I'd like comments from anyone that's read this one, please.

Stanley Kubrick flirted with it, and though it was unfilmable.

It's one of those strange ones. The Actors give career best performances. The music, editing and costume design are fantastic.

Michael Winterbottom already bated the censors with 9 Songs, so there's a fear he's doing it again here. For me, his best film is still A Mighty Heart, with Angelina Jolies best performance.

I can't recommend this, purely because of the subject matter. If I was going to watch a pyscopath, I'd rather it was more Bateman. But I can't deny that everything in this film is top notch, especially Affleck.

So... How do you cheer yourself up after watching that?

Well, I went for the most controversial film of yester year.

Thanks to Love Film watch online option, there's over 3000 movies you can dip into, free, as part of your package. (Mines £9.99 with an Unlimited amount of Blus).

So Teeth... Ha. I'm not sure there would be a better responce to misogny, and ill treating of women than this.

Tell me you've heard of it? Tell me you've seen it?

It's far more than the cheap shocks it's suggesting. Well acted, not gore driven, and original. What's not to like?

Apart from more severed cocks.

So... movies by numbers...

Don't worry, by the way... Team Truscott also watched Fantastic Mr Fox this morning. That review will cheer us all up tomorrow. I just couldn't lie to you by talking about it now. While I'm thinking about these...

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