Saturday, 30 October 2010

The One Where It's All In A Number

Does every club have a number?

Jot below who you support, and what that number is.

For United, it's number 7.

And I have a lil theory about what to do with ours...
It's pretty much common knowledge that Michael Owen is off. Probably in January. Reports suggest Benzema is a done deal if that happens - allowing Jose to clear his books a bit, whilst also getting Karim some games.

I for one would be ecstatic.

I think Benzema is class. He's having a shocker at Real, at the moment. They scored seven the other night, and he still couldn't hit a barn door.

He is the sort of player that would hurt us if he went to Arsenal or Liverpool. And it's inconceivable that they won't go for him. He'd walk into their teams.


That would free up the number 7 shirt.

And I have two theories...

One, let Rooney take it. Re-launch himself.

Two, let Hernandez take it. He's already on course to be the buy of the summer, (TFFT after seeing VdV rule the roost at Spurs). What harm could it do?

I called it about Hernandez early. Just had a feeling. Even I have been blown away. Head. Right foot. Left foot. Back of the head. Carling Cup. League. Champions League.

The World Cup wasn't a fluke.

And Rooney is going to need to up his game big time to get near the team. How a week can change, eh?

Now if you read this, please vote top left. I want to know if you are happy Rooney stayed. Are you a Liverpool fan, gutted he stayed? A City fan that can't believe Rooney did a JT MkII on you?

Oh... and what is your teams magic number?

So lets hope for another victory over Spurs. They've been class over the last 18 months - all credit to Redknapp for that.

Lets hope we build on two important wins, and go for it.

First half versus Stoke we were fantastic. Second half, we switched off.

Defensively against Wolves in midweek, we were carved open. There is the very real possibility, (and probability), that none of that back five will play.

Spurs will feel that they "owe us one" - and they do. But we need to keep this momentum building. The Stoke victory won't be the turning point it felt like, otherwise.

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