Friday, 8 October 2010

The One Where Matt Damon Is Gay In The Departed

"You Look Here, Fella... I Am *Not* Fucking Matt Damon, OK??"

I don't know why, I just really felt the urge to watch Departed t'other day.

It had been a while, and the Bluey was sat there gathering dust.

Empire ranked Marky Marks films, and this was number one.

So, I had to revisit...

Retro-Perspective was a topic I set up for movies that weren't recent. On the Blog, select it on the wheel to see others. I aim to add more.

So Departed. Stone cold classic, or sympathy vote for Scorcese?

Two things really hit me this time watching it.

One, I love it more every time I see it. It's pretty epic. Watching it, maybe for the first time since the cinema, I didn't feel sorry for it.

You see, for me, it's always been Scorcese sympathy vote.

Anyone that's seen Taxi Driver, Raging Bull or Goodfellas must realise this.

The Academy bestowing it with awards was a delayed reaction. A thank you for everything that had come before.

Departed is undeniably class, though.

Secondly. Matt Damons character is gay. Now, I've read up a bit on this in between last watching it.

Then there is the attack on the fireman, during the rugby match. Very OTT. Homo this. Fag that. A cover?

Then, the obvious theme is him not being able to perform I always put that down to the dual life he was living. Stress at work, maybe. Sorry, but if you can't get it for Vera, there's something wrong.

The look he gives the real estate agent is showing.

"Oh... I got you. You have a guest staying over... I got it."

Damon just glares at him. Not liking the idea he has taken it this way.

At the golf course with Alec Baldwin, is the killer.

"Get married. Women see the ring and trust you. Men see the ring, and think someone must like you enough to marry you. Plus it shows your dick is working."

"Oh, it's working overtime, Sir."

Then, in the cinema, with Jack in full on OTT mode, he thrusts the dildo in Damon's face.

"See anything you like?"

Finally, and it's a bit unfair... Marky mark beats his ass down. Damon is a big guy, (steady), but the look on his face is like a scared girl. That's too deliberate from someone like Scorcese, surely?

So, what does that do to the film?

For me, not a lot. I guess it just adds layers. You know, like Top Gun.


DavieLegend said...

Which one was gay in Top Gun?

georgey T said...

haha, i never noticed this. One of my favourite films!