Thursday, 11 November 2010

The One Where I Ditch MoTD

I'm not going to defend the Derby. If you support either team, you were probably biting your nails. (My first time in six months. :-/)

My issue is two fold.

One, the amount of people going on about it, that know NOTHING about either club. "Worse game ever", blah, blah, blah.

This is from people whose own teams were playing.

Use a bit of vision and creativity, and watch your own game, surely?

God, I hope I never care more about another teams result than mine.

Secondly, the BBC.

In a bid to try and show people the story of the game, they miss all of the key ingredients. The substitutions.

They changed the game, no question.

Brown on for the fiery Rafael, (who won over all critics by squaring up to Tevez).

O'Shea on for Evra.

The second one was crucial - as Hernandez, with twenty to go, and City on the ropes, was coming on to put two up top.

Having to change another defensive position forced Fergies hand, though.

Hernandez didn't get on until fifteen to go, and that was for Berba - who looked gutted. And rightly so. It was the right sub, but again, Berba was the best player on the park.

Vidic looked captains material, too.

All in, I'm happy.

Far more than City fans should be.

Yes we beat them last year. But they didn't play 4-6-0 at home, then.

Can't wait to see their 6-4-0 formation at Old Trafford.

Way to kill the game, bitters.

ps, both fans must appreciate the video above. How cool is that? I saw it floating around twitter, which once again proves that's the place for fun, informative information. Way before the BBC I help fund.

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