Monday, 10 January 2011

The One With Who Will Win The EPL In 2011

And so the votes are in...

I asked Who Did You Think Will Win The Premier League In 2011?

And here are the results...

Interesting, eh?

United are favourites, for sure. But look at the twists midweek.

The thought of Spurs lining up with Becks to try and shoot us down next week...

Look at the spending power and "allure" of City.

That there is next to know pressure on Spurs, and arguably City, as they are ahead of where they thought they would be.

I hope we win it. I really do. It's been the most exciting and open Premier League Season ever. And I don't want to have to deny that come May, if it's not us holding the trophy.

Don't forget to take part in this weeks vote, HERE.

Notice anything odd about the video...?

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