Saturday, 12 June 2010

"Bow Before Zod"

The One Where We All Love His Little Beard

So I'll be at Flashes wedding, as this posts. Drunk. MC and I have hip flasks.

I thought for this weeks United Memories, I'd revisit my own wedding - or at least, my stag.

4 of us, off to Manchester. Only one of the 4 of us was a Ledger in waiting, I didn't even know MC, JMcG or even GC. Weird. London righted that wrong.

Judge is still a Ledger mascot, to be fair. Russ is a weekend away a couple of times a year. Dan... Dan... Dan... Dan...

Anyway, on the sunday, we were off to see United versus Newcastle. One nil down, and the dark side creeping into Waynes game... look at him as he runs onto it. He's arguing with the ref. Out of the aggression comes the perfect volley.

So, rather than get on his back for telling a ref to F-Off, just hope he channels the aggression into one of these. Then gets his rug out, and dedicates it to JMcG, and Gem.

And after that? This...

Which is why I keep telling Flash he's doing the right thing.

Who gets the winner, though, Flash?? ;-)

Hope you had a great day, mate. It's been a pleasure knowing you
over the last few years. We were going to give you the Ledger 
trophy... but 1/3 said "NO WAY". Guess who?

We'll always have London.

If it turns out this posts, and she didn't turn up, I'll take it down
Sunday morning. K? K.

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diaryofaledger said...

Wedding pics, mate you look so young. Great post.