Thursday, 10 June 2010

"Do You Know What I Did, To Get Back To You?"

The One Where His And Her Movies Became His And His Movies



Spelt wrong. Not a good start. Anyway...

Nimrod Antel is directing Predators. I wanted to see why. Hopefully the movie maths will do the talking.

Matt Dillon - Matt Dillion in a 3some with Neve Cambell & Denise Richards % Jean Reno of Leon fame! - Predators of any kind = Armored!

The problem is, I was pretty "meh". The action is competant. The plot predictable. The quieter moments were actually better than I expected. What I really wanted, was to say, "That was every bit as freaking awesome, as everyone in the States made out". But I cant. I Just... cant.

Anyway... good news. watch this below, and you've essentially seen the film, anyway!

Natalie Portman, x Jake and Tobeys abs + Jarheads war scenes - Dodgeballs comedy = Brothers.

Powerhouse acting, serious drama, Natalie Portman. This film is only missing Dragons and Gladiators.

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