Tuesday, 22 June 2010

"Is He Serious?" "Always"

The One Where I Put My Top Ten Trailers Down Here, As Promised Last Night On @DiaryOfALedgers Site

Great, great voice over. And the opening five seconds, with that noise? Unsettling is not the word.

When one image is enough...

Way to pimp out an awesome Soundtrack! ...And cast! "You play with matches, you get burned"

I talked about this last night... again, great music... and that money shot. "Simple game..."

The opening minute... Genius. Pure, simple genius. 

The first title card... then the second. 

You Bastard, Lucas.

Brutal. Fantastic use of music, especially the editing to the change in pace. And a great film. I knew nothing of it, until I saw it on a list, ironically, similar to this. There are hidden gems, after all.

Haha. I still can't believe they did this...

How did they keep this secret???

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KendallJaye said...

Good call.