Saturday, 5 June 2010

"Join The Dark side, Luke...."

The One Where Fi And Ad Fall In Love With A Pyscho

There is a dark side to my Club, no question. Almost a tribal nature of some of our players. I cant condone it... it's effectively cheating, I suppose. But after seeing Liverpool squander all of their great progress of last year, (*sicks in mouth*) - what would they have given for someone that almost cared too much?

I remember a lot of red cards in my time. I've already mentioned Cantona, here. And I'm surprised looking back, how many were for violent contact. I remember when United signed Alan Smith, from Leeds after they were relegated. I had always loved his tenacity, but it had the capacity to overspill. He got sent off for two silly yellows for England, but it was during a game where frustrations were high.

I understand that the right thing to do is be professional... but, don't you wish your team had someone who felt your frustration? Who wanted to destroy the other team? Maybe it's just me, but I was pleased Smudger got sent off versus City, after a frustrating 0-0. I felt like lunging in, too.

That sounds terrible, but my point is I would never want to have that lack of passion Liverpool had this season. I want the days of United contesting every decision with referees. It's just all got a bit soft.

One thing I will never forget though, especially after he admitted it was retribution, was this.

That should have led to jail time, to be fair. It's assault. Alf Inge Haaland had stood over Keane when he was laying prone the year earlier, and told him he thought he was faking. He wasn't. He was out for a long time, and Keane at least admitted he thought of this tackle during every day of his recovery.

I cant condone it, although I did at the time of the game! All I would say is things like this create a siege mentality at Old Trafford. Everyone has an opinion on my club. Things like this mean they sharpen their knives. Keane is a United legend. Maybe the only person to get "sacked" by the club, because his standards were too high.

He talked too much, and that makes it even more surprising to see him so eloquent now, as a Manager. There will be a separate piece on why he's a Legend - this is to just highlight his desire to win, and how like early Wayne Rooney, he struggled to maintain that.

Want commitment? Want focus? Want a natural born winner? Check, check, check.

That was over Viera "picking" on younger players, like Gary Neville. I get frustrated like that, all the time. If people don't meet my expectations, I cant be arsed with them. That's not great as a Manager, so I've had to look at that. I've spent years trying to manage my expectations, and that not everyone can work at 100 mph. I'm OK with that. At other times, I don't think it's right. There are people with higher standards than me, so why cant people meet mine? People need to up their game. Keane felt that all of the time.

Did he turn his back on his country? Well, if I went to the World Cup, and was witness to R.O.I mickey mouse prep, I'd want to leave too. His country wasn't big enough for him. How England could do with his leadership now. And United to that extent. Give Wayne the armband.

When he went to Celtic, I watched eagerly. I have daily conversations with my General Manager at work, as to why he is the right man for Ipswich. He disagrees, of course. The reason? Ipswich Town is a Family club. Fair enough.

Like Hughesy, there is a place for Keane at United forever. Long may it continue. Look into his eyes, not around the eyes, into his eyes.

I'd love to make more comparisons between myself, and Keane. I'll leave you with one last image though. Again, it's the dark side. What's important here, though, is Keanes response. Alan Shearer, who United fans love to hate, because he shunned us twice. Shearer has told Keane he is a prick. Something I am, a lot. Keane later admitted that he couldn't be angry at Shearer... because he was right. I know whose career - and trophy cabinet - I would rather have though.

Dedicated to @FionaKyle, who left a massive part in her life, yesterday.

She has the world at her feet. And a cheeky crush on Roy Keane, me thinks.

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