Thursday, 17 June 2010

"One Shot... One Kill"

The One Where I Moan About Going For A Run, And Do My Best Ever Doodle Buddies.

I promised proof, so here it is. I didn't want to go a run today. I go to the gym four times a week now, so I was milking the thought of not needing to go. But I do need to go. So I went.

^ That's me looking out the bedroom window and seeing people. And the Sun. Looking hot.

^ Twenty minutes in, like Maximus before me, I contemplate Elysium.

A wry smile, as I realise views like that (The harbour, not me), make it worth it.

Probably my fave place in that harbour. A ship ghost yard.

On my return, I wondered whether an hour was enough. The back of my shirt suggested it was.

Then... After six months of owning it, I finally got my XBox Elite up and running on the 50". Hit a switch and I can go to the PS3. Little things... but for me, this is a big deal. I celebrate by having a beer, and watching a HDDVD. I am moved to tears by how good the Elite sounds. I need to read up, as to why, but through the same 7.1, it sounds vastly superior to the PS3. It's a bigger deal for my movies, rather than games. I have over 100 HDDVDs, and hadn't been able to watch the bloody things!


I rarely add text to Doodle Buddies. Here, it was vital, though. You needed to know hoe far away I was. That's a canon I'm holding, not my penis. I'd say... 7 miles away? *Ping* Man and Horse. On the right, you can see Sarah, jumping for joy - *PRIVILEGED* to have witnessed it. We all were.

After beating Sarah to death (long story), I realized I needed to make her laugh. So I beat a lamb, or whatever it was, to death too. It was dramatic, and luckily, the funniest thing she'd ever seen in her life.
After two hours, Sarah dropped the bombshell. She'd been using "x" instead of "R2", to shoot. I've been gaming with her for a year, and luckily have got used to this sort of thing.

And so... with the correct controls? She blows a hole in my head. FFS.

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Sarah said...

i can't believe you told everyone about the 'fire' button thing, you bastard.