Sunday, 27 June 2010

"This Mission... Just Got A Whole Lot More.... Impossible.

The One Where I Imagine This Is The Greatest Six Million Bucks Robbery In The History Of The World

So... Lamps "scored", the Ref, or his assistant missed it... The keeper boots it to Klose, who scores. The forth officials are watching a video replay... Lamps *did* score. What happens?

It doesn't work, does it? So, instead of reinventing the wheel, why not just use UEFAs tried and tested six officials? Someone whose job is to spot all the shirt pulling, and goal line instances. It's in the Champions League next year, as well as that other tin pot trophy, so...

As for the game? And the tournament?

Well, what social media has taught me tonight is that Rooney should be shot - for crimes against his country.

People that know nothing about Football are blaming foreigners, flooding the Premier League. I have three words... Drogba, Fabregas, Torres. *They* are why I may what I pay for Sky.

Capello got paid six million bucks for... nothing.

A nation pins its hope on a 24 year old, then the Boss plays a system that stifles him.

We push Stevie G out wide, and say Lampard should be dropped to accommodate him.. the same Lampard that on  Capellos basis of, "Play well, you're in", would have had SG as his boot boy after comparing their last two years stats.

Oh well. Argentina Brazil Final would be nice. Hang Your Heads indeed.

Come back to Manchester, Wayne. We'll show them this Season how shit you are.

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