Sunday, 6 June 2010

"When There Is No More Room In Hell... The Dead Will Walk The Earth"

The One Where I Review The Latest Dawn Of The Dead Release, And Pine Over Cool Boxes.

So... Dawn of the Dead. We've got history... you and I.
I sold JMcG my American Blu Rays of dawn and Day of the Dead. If I'm honest, there were three reasons.


I thought the transfer could be better. It was in the early days of Blueys. A lot were just up scaled DVDs, in my eyes. I know the film is 25 years old, and that was a factor, but if they can touch Hitchcock up to look brand new, come on. That last bit sounded rude. And disrespectful of the dead. Anyway.


I watched them both, and... well... I guess I found them overrated. Anyone that knows me knows that's a major problem for me. I swear, the day Fight Club and Pulp get the acclaim they really deserve, I'm ditching them. I hate people telling me how good something is. JMcG has done this every day we've met, since me selling him those Blueys. We can't see each other, with out debating what's better... Dawn, or The Thing.


This was back in the day, where JMcG really cared about Blus. Before the dark days of G-Force, and other assorted cartoons. He clearly wanted them more. So... £5 each. Done.

Well. 2 years later, I ended up getting this.

And this.

And it got me thinking. Was I wrong about the above? Is there something in this film that I hadn't been seeing. Or did I buy it for the box? It's a bit of all three.

The transfer on this re-release is stunning. They touched it up, like Hitchcock. *Sniggers* It is a brilliant film, too. Totally stands the test of time. I enjoyed it, more than I ever have.

It's also a classic film. All three of them, in Dawns case. That's right. 3 versions of one film. Anyone that reads this, knows that's how I roll.

It's also great to know that films can stand the test of time. It's great to know that before he rambled off and made a zillion other Zombie flicks, Romero earned the right to do that. I love the fact that it's crazy violent. It's shocking now, so I would love to see the reactions back in 1978. I love the fact that Dario Argento has a cut. That's the one I'm looking forward too. The mans a genius, again, before mooching off and making sub par films.

Talking of past masters, John Carpenter appears to be back in the saddle. "Hail to the King, Baby".

There is one critical difference between the two versions, though. And boy is it my weakness. It's the packaging. I've wanted for ages to have reversible Blu Ray cases - so you can choose your front cover. Christ, I remember Dad buying Licence To Kill on DVD. Reversible cover? You bet.

Since then, I've gone for the tin case, if the art work merits it. I've longed after box sets, because of the art work, or design. DVDs started to do this, too much. Where do you draw the line? I remember one I really wanted, but never got.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Others, I did get. And when I cleared my DVDs out, to make may for the HD revolution, these beauties stayed.


MC recently sold this for me, for £50 - so there are other mentalists out there, like me.

I think it's what makes me a collector, ahead of just a "Film Buff". It also ensures I'm a little kid, too. But you know what? I'm OK with it.

But is it better than The Thing, I hear you cry??

That's for another day.

But No. No, it's not.

*Raises glass to next Saturday. Enjoy, Flash. I know we will.*

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