Tuesday, 6 July 2010

"...It's The Ginger One"

The One Where You Can't Bottle Lightning (Twice)


I do still love Love Film.... I just find it a bit frustrating. I have ten odd films on my list, state what is my next three most wanted, and they send me my fourth.

Their pricing policy is genius, too. We get four a month, and it's... just... not... enough.

I'll keep it going though. It's cost me money, but saved me loads. I would have picked 44 Inch Chest on a pre-owned before. And, despite some fine acting, I would have regretted it.

I Heart Sexy Beast. Love it. As much attention as Ben Kingsley got for the film, I still think it's underappreciated.

44 Inch Chest isn't. It's an odd film.

I want to applaud it for being brave, and different. It's both of those things. But it's structure is pure stage play.

The Actors play it that way, too.

It's worth a watch. Despite a flashback, to a woman beating, it's the choice... language that makes it tough to watch. I swear, but wow... It makes me realise I don't actually swear that much at all.

Hmm... Looks... OK, doesn't it?

But this is what you really want. Movies by Maths! Now... In PICTURE FORM!

I know, I know. If this doesn't get 4 RTs. Nothing will. Oh.

I would normally also do a quick review for Mrs T's Love Film, but I can't even remember what it was. I didn't watch it, and wouldn't blame her if she didn't either. I let her down. Badly.

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