Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The One Where I Wonder If A Prophet Is All That


I love Gangster films. Love them. The British ones that got churned out in the 90's tested my patience, but... the under belly of crime. Life on the streets? Gun running. Love it.

A Prophet was delivered to me, on the promise of being one of the best gangster films ever. EVER. That's a big word.
For those new to this - This is where I review my Love Film list. The fan favouite part is "Movies By Maths". here, I review the film as a mathematically equation.


Tom Cruise's Shit Eating Grin + An Adorable Kid x Springsteen - Loving Black People + Almost Famous Soundtrack % Orlandos Blooms Hair = Jerry Maguire

See? The maths is now in picture form, too. Skip to the end if you like. I won't be offended. I already have your hit. (Blog joke).

So anyway. That's a hell of a burden. Are they including Goodfellas in that? Casino? Pulp Fiction?

I'm not sure they are. Or at least, *IF* they are, they want their head being put in a vice. It's good, but come on. As good as those?

Here's the trailer. Just in case. And yes. There are subtitles.

And so, in summary...

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