Saturday, 10 July 2010

The One Where Keegan Lost It

"I Will Love It"

I was thinking of this, the other day.

Sky announced the other day that United will play Newcastle on the first Monday Night Football of the Season. Exciting. Not nearly as much as the prospect of watching it with Russ, a.k.a Geordie, though.

Perfect time to come down, mate... if you're brave enough...? (Fair play, he has confirmed he IS brave enough... maybe it was the signing of the mighty Perch?)

Centre Parcs. We couldn't find a pub with it on. So we listened on the radio. Then... the next day, strolling through The Plaza.... a sign. From last night. Footy had been on. FFS.

Lets cheers ourselves up, eh?

It's other worldy, isn't it? Put Keegan into YouTube. It's the first vid. None of his goals. Not him leaving the pitch on a chopper. That makes me happy. I'm not sure there is a better example of someone losing it, live on TV. Not losing his rag, but literally looking like he has lost the plot.

When you think of the Managaers who have suffered with illness, especially heart related... isn't this an example of why they should look to protect more managers?

Keegan bottled it for England too, but what the ordinary fan doesn't always consider is the pressure. Itmust be immense. Look at Newcastle now. How different would it have been if Eric hadn't (beautifully) tucked that chance away.

Thoughts like that, and yes, united fans have them too, are why we love the game... Yes?

Lets leave it there with an alternate reality...

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