Sunday, 11 July 2010

The One Where Flash Puts Finger To Mac Keyboard

Contrary to popular belief, I didn't hold a gun to his head, and make him write. Flash had used an Unlimited pass for a while, and I caved and got one. If I go twice a month, I'll get my monies worth. Then Flash had the idea of writing an alternate review for whatever we saw.

We have a few ideas... One would be one person writing the review, then the other writing there's around it... questioning it, or agreeing... and writing it like a conversation.

Another, is writing both reviews like a court room scene, where I accuse the film of something, and Flash gives the counter argument, then you guys can decide if the film is guilty or not. 

And so... Ladies (and Gents), I give you... JMcG, and his take on Predators...

I had been looking forward to Predators since it was first announced. However as AT and I sat in the cinema bar having a pre-film beer last night, he hit me with it - early reviews were mixed; some saying it was average at best. I was slightly concerned. I needn't had been....

As soon as THAT Alan Silvestri score kicked in and the title filled the big screen, my concerns began to fade away. This, after all, was a Robert Rodriguez labour of love (he wrote the original treatment of the script in 1994) and there was no way he was going to produce an average (at best) Predator film.

The film is a direct sequel to the original Schwarzenegger classic. It completely ignores Predator 2 and the AVP films (thank god). The haters will say it is just an inferior re-hash, simply updated and with a few new plot devices. I can't really argue with that, but it's not necessarily a bad thing.

The jungle setting is back, albeit a jungle with a twist, and the the action and gore levels are plentiful. The cast is solid (even Laurence Fishburne's off-beat turn which garnered harsh criticism) with Adrien Brody making a more than competent action star. He has clearly taken his new found persona seriously, bulking up massively, and his intense portrayal of Royce is what drives the story on. AT has since issued me a 'Brody body challenge'. Watch this space.

Predators is not a perfect film by any stretch of the imagination and there are some minor niggles. Some of the effects looked a little ropey at times and there is a plot twist in the final act which didn't really serve the story in any meaningful way.

Those minor niggles aside however, I thoroughly enjoyed Predators. There is enough fun dumb action here to satisfy the average film fan and enough nods to the original to satisfy the fan boys like myself.


AT and I both liked Predators so this is probably not the best way to start an alternative review section, however I'm hoping we will have some disagreements down the line and each get the chance to fight our corner. What's that you say? Wolfman? Next time baby....

Cheers matey. My review is here, next time they will be posted together. I hope you're not Predatored out... I have to tell you about the new Blu ray of the original, soon. Say... Tuesday?

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