Sunday, 11 July 2010

The One Where It's All Over

It's been a strange World Cup. I can't say I haven't enjoyed it. I have. I've loved the fact my rota has allowed me to see almost every minute. I just feel quite distanced from it all.

My thoughts on England are well documented. My thoughts on the pressure put on Rooney - and how he was a scapegoat for under performing. My thoughts on, despite trying, not being able to galvanise support for the likes of Stevie Me or JT.

I've watched from the sidelines, and taken it all in.

So, what are the highlights?

Heinze getting hit with the camera, obviously... and Hernandez proving the first one wasn't a fluke. Both already Blogged about, here.

With United in a position of having no buying power, it's nice to know we got in early, with this one. Trying to put bias aside, he is up there with Ozil, as the find of the tournament for me.

His first, versus France was my biggest punch the air moment. It came in the group stages, and even that early on, I knew I had the same old hidden agenda. I was looking out for United.

In that same game I was gutted for Evra. He had a shocking tournament, never really making the surging runs he makes for United. Put the bust up, within the camp? It was even more public, and cringy than Englands.

I'm on the fence with this. The thought of a Captain, getting his team to boycott training... I'm not sure I can defend that. But, with what I know of Evra, something must have been seriously wrong. That is so out of character. And have you actually seen the footage? He has his hands in his pockets for most of it. Kind of sums up their tournament, really. And they did cheat their way there, in the first place.

One thing the tournament will be remembered for, is big name players not doing it. Wayne. Nando. Roni. People can say what they like about Messi... but no goals speaks volumes. And where was he versus Germany, in the performance of the Tourne? Marked out, with no where to go. Greece did the same. Hardly set the world a light. Someone that did? David Villa.

Not the best video, but look at the top comment. I heart You Tube.

United would have robbed a bank to get him, Fergie said as much. he was never going to leave Spain though. Barcelona have a top, top striker there. I'd hate for Nando to leave the Premier League, but seriously... who wouldn't want to see Villa, Nando and Messi leading the line for Barca? It could happen.

Not if Citeh have their way, though. They've seen fit to pay YaYa Toure £200,000 a week. Let that sink in... OK. Lets move on. To be fair... he does look class.

And they are my memories. An all dayer with Judge worked out a treat, with my fave goal of the tournament, (APART FROM CHICHARITO!).

But it's been a World Cup of the big names dropping like flies. Under achieving.  Some got lucky escapes, others out at the first opportunity.

Remember, if Spain win the World Cup, only New Zealand would be unbeaten in this tournament. Great stat.

Oh, and if anyone thought cheating prospers... it doesn't.

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