Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The One With The Star Wars HD War, And 3-D Telly Boxes

"Blu Ray Has 50g Of Storage... It's Too Dangerous"

So, with a little help from a geek on Audio, I have my Elite up and running. As a gaming machine, it offers me loads of options. But crucially, I have a HDDVD player, and shed loads of movies. With them, I don't need to re-buy them on Blu. Many of them, Transformers included, are widely regarded to look better anyway.

I had an interesting chat with @diaryofaledger and @domcoke last night about 3-d TVs. Gray and I think they will be saved by the gaming element. Dom is anti them, full stop.

The 3-d gaming demo I got in JL, makes me think it will work. Early word agrees. It's funny how some feel put out of the movie, yet others feel transported. I never once had an issue with Avatar. Maybe it was the nature of the film, but I felt transported to another world. To be fair, the 2-d Blu is stunning, too. That leads to people saying it works just as well. And I suppose it does. But really, is there not enough room for both?

If 3-d TVs were class TVs in their own right, with 3-d... why not? And those do exist. Panasonic do one. But it's £2000. I honestly think it's a bad time to spend that sort of money on a TV, that in six months will be outdated.

In a year, the JL guys assure me 3-d TVs sans glasses will be out. Similar price. 3-d with glasses will see a huge price drop. So why not wait?

Dom threw in a comparison with laser discs - saying they (3-d TVs), will be looked upon as a similar failure.

I had a problem with this. Laser discs were always niche, and never caught fully on, but they were ahead of the curve. History will say the Studios saved Blu Ray, in the HD war - but it's important to remember, it could have gone the other way too.

And so, it got me thinking... if 3-d does fail - and in Clash Of The Titans, Last Airbender and Green Hornet have instigated that, with botched "conversions"...  will people have the right to say to say, "I told you so?" Because, I get that all the time with HDDVD. I have 150 odd HD movies. But they're not Blus. What an idiot, right?

Well, no... I waited until very late on. When Blu Ray won the HD war, I got my first, of two, PS3s. I got a HDDVD player too, and cleaned up. Unforgiven, for £1. Top Gun, likewise. These films took a year or so to even come out on Blu. Some of them still hold their price.

So, having it set up, is bliss. Expect some serious additions to the Retro Respective link - because none of the films are current. But there are some classics. And it's nice to know I can enjoy them in HD, in 7.1, with out any cost.

I caught Superman Returns last week. Today, in prep for Inception, I went for Prestige.

That will please Dom.

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