Thursday, 1 July 2010

"You Play With Matches, You Get Burned"

The One Where The Two People I Have To Despise Most, Both Look Awful

Lets be clear, this is a rumour. Quite a well substantiated one, to be fair. I'll quote below what I saw.

"Allegedly Courts held a further 2 week gagging order on Steve gerrards private life, turns out he got his wife’sSister pregnant (not a 16 year old ) Will hit the newspaper in 14 days, the judge held the gagging order to protect FA while they decide on capello, and the future of English footy.. John terry and the England boys all know about it and JT had a argument with capello because gerrardgot to keep the captains armband. The tension in the camp was down to JT and half the team saying gerrardwas a disgrace and the other half of the squad backing gerrard..The press conference was related to the tension and JT wanted Gerrard exposed - they hate each other.."

Now, if that's true, it explains A LOT. And I don't know about anyone else, but I've been looking for explanations. 

The split in the camp, Fergie alluded too, after speaking to WR. The poor performances. The press conference from JT. SG having a poor tournament, and not seeming focused.

I'm not naive. I don't believe that the rumours just happen to come at a time where speculation is rife about Stevie G. I have no doubts the story appeals to me, as a way of taking the spot light off of WR for a while. I also believe United fans will "enjoy" this story more than most. I also have no doubts this sort of thing goes on... but come on.

Take the Football out of it, for one minute. This argument that JT disrupted the team, yadda yadda... This has very little to do with Football, for me. I try and liken it to my own day to day job.

What JT did, in having an affair with a team mates wife was deplorable. It takes two to tango, but that's just poor behaviour. It led to one of my fave ever moments in Football, though... and results. City were awesome that day, and proved Chelsea are beatable if you get at them. Sadly something United have failed to do, for the last few seasons. Hopefully, if justice is done, both SG and JT will get banned for life, making their respective teams 50% weaker. (Joke, Gray).

SG, getting his wifes sister pregnant, to me, seems even worse. Morally it's so far from where I am, I can't even get my head around how that would happen.

When I asked about it on twitter- three of the more intelligent twitterers (sp?) replied as camp SG. Basically saying that JT trying to get one over on SG was disgusting, especially during a World Cup. I suppose that's true. But if you were sacked, then someone did the same thing, but wasn't sacked... you'd be a bit pissed off, wouldn't you?

And isn't that missing the point?

I totally get the throwing stones in glass houses thing. JT is an idiot. Self centred. Egotistical. Over paid. Believes his hype.... But so is Stevie G. He was caught on camera punching a DJ. He was never going to "get done" though was he? What makes Stevie G so special - so exempt from the rules everyone abides? Guess that Scouse Mafia pay off is coming in handy... (Joke, Gray).

And he didn't "get done".

I guess this is a classic example of why I go Club over Country. I just can't do both. Haven't been able too, since I was a kid. There are as bad as each other. If it was Becks... if I'm really honest.... I'd try and defend him.

More than anything, it's a potential reason for why we did so badly at the WC. 

With my blinkers on, if Capello knew, and wanted it kept quite, he needs to go. I said the other day, it's not right that Lampard has been the best central midfielder in the Premier League for the last five years. Look at the stats. That is a fact. Unarguably. He's a machine. Instead, Capello shoe horned SG into the team. If it was down to the fact he was captain, and Capello didn't want to drop him, I think that's totally wrong - and if I were JT, I would speak out.

But then, I'd never sleep with a team mates wife, and get accused by joe public of throwing stones in a glass house.

Final word goes to Roy Keane. He's right, you know.

Well... apart from saying Capello is "brilliant".

14 days. 14 days...

Dedicated to Miss B (aka @EmmaBunce) who passed her degree with fashionable colours. Not just a pretty face. Well done, girly. xx

ps, Em... I still think JT is a ****... OK?

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