Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The One Where I Review Lovely Bones... And Pine Over Ryan Gosling

For the second time running, Mrs Ts Love Film was right up my street. Guess who manages the lists...?
I had seen Lovely Bones once before.

I'm an unabashed Peter Jackson fan - for King Kong, more than anything. I love his smaller films too, though. There's similarities with Chris Nolan there then, I suppose.

For LB, it's another literary adaptation. I always squirm when I hear that. It's become a cliche. It means everyone who loves books more than film s can (probably rightly) say, there are no more original idea. They also invariably say the book is better than the film. Because it lets their imagination fill in the gaps.

Yadda Yadda.

I studied English Lit at Uni, but films will always come first.

That's probably an attention thing. I have loads of cool ideas for stories, and scripts - but that's just it - they are ideas. And I visualise them as films.

Lovely Bones seems to really struggle with that concept.

Peter Jackson is an incredibly visual Director. here, during the "limbo" scenes he creates these great images... but they seem out of place. Scale models, in glass bottles - realised as ginormous versions of themselves, crashing against the shore. It's stunning... but at odds with what is also a small, family drama.

A 14 year old, murdered by a great Stanley Tucci performance. Not quite dead, but definitely gone from her planet, she tries to find her killer from beyond the grave... looking on at her family, struggling with their loss.

Ryan Gosling left the film, after being so method, he realised he couldn't play a Dad of 3. I love Mark Wahlberg, but can't help but think Gosling should have been made to stay.

Those that know me, know I love the guy. He is an immense actor. You should definitely check out Half Nelson, which I watched five time, in the space of a few months. True story. Fracture is brilliant too,  and Lars And The Real Girl - heart breaking.

Anyway... this isn't about him...

What I loved most about this, was Mrs Ts reaction to it. After the misstep of Nine, I got this one right.

She was totally into it. Couldn't eat her dinner, cried, shouted at the screen.

That's what movies can do to you. And anyone who would rather read a book needs to ask... Can a book do that to you?

Now, back to Ryan Gosling...

Just brilliant.

The direction they should have taken Lecter.

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