Thursday, 7 October 2010

The One Where @DiaryOfALedger Goes Head Mental. Again.

What can you achieve in 60 Hours?


I'd play Pro Evo for about 36 hours, with gaps of 8 hours sleep.

Jon may watch his new Back To The Future Box Set, plus a few extras, a total of 6 times. With a lil nap of 8 hours in there. It would give him a lil time to do his hair, too.

MC? He may spend a while gaming on everything other than PES 2011, before going in and trading the games in... for PES 2011... then trading it back in. He'd still have time for a few 8 hour naps.

Some one else may watch Lost. All the way through. With gaps of about 8 hours for a cheeky sleep.
(Although, why they'd do that? I have no idea.)

GC? Well. He's going to stay up 60 hours straight. On twitter. For charity. No sleeps.

This time next week? He'll be having the greatest sleep ever, though. It will all be done.

I'll be there, in full website glory, (possibly) snoring in the background. I may even have my hands down my trousers. Not for some sick sexual gratification. I just do that when I'm asleep. It keeps them warm.

I'll be the moral support. The comedy that keeps the 60 hours (minus sleeps) ticking over. The boyish good looks that keep the ladies coming back to that there website. Here's another link. You didn't click on the other one, did you?

Look, in all seriousness, what GC is doing is a bit mental. He did 48 hours last year and was broken. I was the only one that saw him come the finish. But I remember clearly, him saying he would go again next (this) year. And he is. And he'll top the 48 hours in the process.

He raised a lot of money last year. He made friends with Jonathon Ross (OK, OK... he did better than that. He got £50 out of him!). He became a legend on twitter in the process.

So it's simple. All I ask is everyone gets behind him. Donate if you can. Send pizzas if you can. (I miss LJ). Tweet him. Make him laugh. Get into a debate with him about the morales of staying up for 60 hours for charity. He likes debates. Mass debates. (*sniggers*).

Be a part of this. If you're on twitter, and not involved in this... well... you're not really on twitter, are you?

RT anything with links. Know a celeb? Please get them to RT links, too. Wossy didn't just happen to be searching for "Ledger" last year - although I'd imagine he does that a lot.

Good luck GC. We're all proud of you. No one doubts you'll do it... and, as the Ledger motto* says, you'll do it in style.

I'll be there. Snoring to keep him awake. What will you do?

You can start by liking this post. That will put a link toy your FB wall, for all your friends who may not know about this.

The lil RT button will put it onto twitter, too. We need to get these links out there, yes?

* We don't have a motto. But really should.

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