Sunday, 31 October 2010

The One Where I Face My Demons

This face has haunted me.

I went to see Exorcist when it was re-released at the cinemas. I went with a group of mates, and we were laughing, and giggling. Everything was really, really funny.

Then, when they dropped me off, it dawned on me.

I had to walk up a long garden path. Then into a house, where I would need to sort turning the lights off.

On my own.

And that's the power of The Exorcist.

Not spinning heads, not crucifixs doing inappropriate things.

It's the power of the subtle bits. The fact that Tubular Bells plays as Reagans Mum is innocently walking down the street.

The fact that it's up there with Aliens as one of the best "Mother/Daughter" films out there.

It's a great film, first and foremost.

The fact that it's a Horror film is an added factor -

Mrs T and I watched it in the bedroom. Partly because I didn't want that long walk (5 metres), from the lounge to the bedroom when it was finished.

Ju was given it all, "Oh it will be so dated etc, yadda yadda, and the effects will look awful, blah-blah-blah". (She actually talks like that).

Within seconds, we both couldn't believe the transfer. It's impeccable. So much so that I thought it was just the fact it was a better TV I was watching it on. (I tried it on the lounge. It wasn't. It really is that good.)

Now, I'm conscious this has become a Blu Ray fest this week. I can't really apologise for that. I do look at this Blog as a diary, and if I watch a film, I'll review it.

There has been TV this week too, here, but it got lost in the mix.

I watch A LOT of films. I think there is two trains of thought, as a result.

1) My opinion is valid, and experienced.
2) I say a transfer is great, and you all think "He says that every week".

Truth is always going to be somewhere in the middle. They did an awesome job here, though.

This film came out in 1973.

Mrs Ts Mum (Gran Mrs T?), was saying the other day how she remembers that.

It's important context.

This film, watched nowadays at home, on a home cinema... it's a totally different experience. The net means we know whats coming, (Mrs T, finally letting her guard down, was caught cheating by looking on IMDB - at the parantal section, to see what was coming. I should have banned her from the screening, but I needed someone to hold me hand. (HAND!) And I have to say, I kind of admired her thought process. I'd be lying if I said I didn't do the same sometimes.)

I'm watching Day Breakers as I write this. Love Film sent it again. I've already reviewed it, here. But ET is asleep, and Mrs T is busying. My point is, what iconic Horror film have we had in our generation? One that will stand up in 40 years time? Feel free to list them below, because I'm struggling.

That is a pretty sad state of affairs. Don't rule out a remake, I guess.

This Halloween, I recommend The Exorcist.

JMcG and I always argue (no play wrestling ladies. He can't ruin his hair), over what is the best Horror film. The Thing or Dawn Of The Dead.

Turns out, we were both wrong...

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