Friday, 29 October 2010

The One Where I Write To Dexter!

"It's Not About Vengeance... It's About Retaliation"

Dear Dexter,

I blame Entourage. And The Pacific. I'm not making excuses, but I do.

I went from watching no TV, to being hooked on two brilliant series.

Dexter, you just didn't fit into that.

Having just finished Series 7 of Entourage, and with no sign of another series being out any time soon... well... it created a window.

I know what you're thinking. Why has it taken me six years to even bother?

That's a good question. Especially as I remember clearly seeing the DVD (Ha. Who watches DVDs anymore, right?!) box set in Woolworths. Do you remember Woolworths? I liked their pic n' mix.

Let's skip over that, shall we? We'll just say, "I didn't "do" TV at the time", OK?

Welcome back, Dexter. Lets try again, shall we?

One of my favourite films is American Psycho. I bet you LOVE that one!

It's easily in the top ten most underrated films of the last twenty five years, don't you think? And those that know me, will know I love that about it.

I think a factor in my being "anti-dexter" (if I ever was?), was that here was a TV show getting all the credit AP should have been reaping. Don't take that personally, and meat cleaver me in the face, OK?

Like it or not, the two are very similar. It's just a fact, Dexter.

I still smart that the opening is a direct lift. Food being cooked, to look like body parts. I'll take that as an out and out homage - it's too blatant to be anything else. It doesn't help my resentment, though.

Thankfully, there is enough about Dexter to hook you in.

So much so, that by episode four or five, I was banging my head against the table like I did when I first saw Entourage.

How had I not seen this before?

Why had I blatantly ignored something that was pretty much made for me?

The first series of Dexter builds brilliantly, Dexter.

Mrs T loves CSI. This is like CSI for adults. Loads of forensics. Loads of crime scenes. But brilliantly you see the murder from the view point of a murderer. So Dexter, who is normally first on the crime scene, is inside the mind of the killer immediately.

It's like Will Graham from Manhunter, stretched over a few series. (Has that sold it to you, Dad?) Have you seen that, Dexter? It's easily one of the most underrated films of the last twenty five years - don't you think?

Dexter, you also "take out the trash". You kill people that have got away from crimes. A bit like a psychotic Batman. Using tools and knowledge at your disposal. That element was crucial in my enjoyment.

It should be samey, and is, but there is a saving factor.

The acting is top notch. The characterisation, of your "girl friend", and "sister", work brilliantly.

Plus the introduction of a serial killer, that has an obsession with you, plus is your sisters boy friend... why not?

I am genuinely impressed, Mr Dexter. I wish I could skip series 2, 3, 4 and a bit of 5. I'm a busy man. I don't really have time to sit on my ass, and watch TV and movies. Haha.

Thanks again, Dexter. I look forward to wasting my life away, watching series 2.

Yours Sincerely,

A humbled AT

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