Thursday, 28 October 2010

The One Where I Double Take Iron Man 2

I'll be honest.

I didn't enjoy Iron Man 2 as much as I did at the cinema. Either time.

I think the problem with that was that I was psyched for it at the cinema, for two major reasons.

1) I got to experience Southampton's IMAX, and freaking loved it.
2) I got to experience Waterloo's IMAX as part of the Stag, and freaking loved it.

Another factor could be that I am seriously rinsing Blu Rays at the moment. Like a ridiculous amount.

The Alien box set was always going to be a priority. I've tried watching them really late, or really early so ET is nowhere around. He came in this morning just as the fan on Fury 161 was whirring. Those that have seen it will know what happens next...

So I put Iron Man 2 on. He immediately wanted Transformers 2.

And I can sort of see why.

TF2 is all kiss kiss bang bang. Iron Man 2 in hindsight is quite slow. Even to the point that they start off in Russia, with Mickey Rourke doing his acting thing (Does anyone cry better than him on screen?)

Then, after cutting the best bit from the trailer, ("You complete me"), Iron Man does a little sky dive.

He avoids fireworks in the sky, and even gets hit with one.

The effects are pretty cool, and it all looks pretty vibrant on the Plasma, but it doesn't have the dizzying effect of three rows back at the IMAX.

Then the rest of the film unfolds, with some great acting, by some great actors.

It's a very talky film. All about setting up future movies, and characters.

They do all of that very well.

Finally it ends within a few minutes, after a generic battle against some robots. Whiplash even turns up in a giant robot, a bit like the giant robot in the first film.

Don Cheadle has a giant robot suit, too. And Iron Man uses some cool lasers. (I called ET in for that bit.)

Truth is, it nothing lives up to the Monaco scene. It's too serious for its own good.

But... But...

It looks stunning. Vibrant colours. Straight out of a comic book.

And the sound? Beautiful. Absolutely stunning.

I'll give it another go when I can't stop thinking about Aliens. Especially ones that swim underwater...

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