Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The One Where Rooneys Silence Isn't Golden

Don't write, just wait.

Wait. Wait.

Ah, fuck it, I can't. This is a diary. So I should tell you how I feel.

Wayne Rooney has burnt his bridges. If not with the Club, then with me.

Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware I'm jumping the gun a bit here. He hasn't even said anything yet - so what is he guilty of?

Well, silence, I suppose.

Just like a few weeks ago when the stories broke about him (allegedly) cheating on his pregnant wife with a prostiitute. Silence.

Like a kid burying his head in sand. Or worse. A coward.

I'm not perfect. In fact I can be a bigger dick than all of them - but - if I ever did something wrong, I'd like to think the hand would be up. Apologising. It's easy to say, because I'm a pretty moral person, and you'll never catch me in those sorts of situations. But I see mistakes as a chance to learn. I used to blame everyone else, now I think about it, blame them, think about it some more, then blame myself.

Why not come out and put his hand up? Yep. I did it. I slept with a prostitute while my wife was having the heir to my thrown. Don't hate me for it, but that's why I was crap at the World Cup, too. That's why I've made AT (me), look a knob for saying last year  I was the best player in the world. (I stand by that, but it turns out it was just for a moment.) That's why I want to escape. You know, to Madrid. Barca. Anywhere miles away. Like City.

I love my Club. As much as anyone living miles away from it can.

I hate that at the moment United fans bicker amongst themselves about the Glazers more than they do about a worrying decline on the pitch. (Which has last 18 months now - lets not kid ourselves. How we are five points of the top, and forth... well. It shows up the League for what it is, and thankfully suggests our rivals have their own problems, too.) We've been awful. And it has very little to do with the Glazers. No money? Then why buy £25M worth of unkown, unproven players, when RVdV and Ozil are available? Well, sadly, atleast one of those didn't want to come. And that's telling.

That raises another point I wanted to air. This is United getting their commupance, for me. Years and years of success - which, like it or not, at 29 years old, just happened to tie in with me following United.

Want Rio ferdinand from Leeds? £30M should do it.

Want Veron (not really) - £30M.

Christ, I've been spoilt beyond my wildest dreams. Every day has felt like Christmas.

And that's important to remember. Please don't take this as a moan. Me more than anyone deserves this slap in the face. A part of me really wanted Liverpool to go into Administration. Even though what it would do to a best mate.
I follow every transfer and hope it works to Uniteds benefit.

Now, they are working against us.

The very real possibility of Rooney signing for City - even contemplating doing that, is a nightmare for any United fan.

But we have to remember that bigger stars have left, (Becks). Better leaders have gone, (Keano). People have been sold at the height of their power, (Staam). More prolific scorers have been shown the door, (RVN). And the club moved on.

Here, Hernandez will become a Hero. Nani seems to have stepped up. Berba seems more comfortable in his own skin.

They'll always be other heros, and I'll never feel worse than when Becks left.

But I follow Ronaldo now, because he left with dignity. Left the door open to a return. *Please God, swap them in January or the Summer - and I'll never want another transfer again* He didn't burn any bridges.

Over the course of a few weeks, through being a coward, and saying nothing, Wayne has burnt all bridges with me.

And he hasn't even said anything yet.

Can't wait for 2pm. Knowing the circus my club has become, he'll sign a contract, live on TV.

But do you know the saddest thing?

I don't want him too.

All I'm certain of at the moment, is when Ethan sees Old Trafford for the first time, there will be a statue of Sir Alex Ferguson. Of Sir Matt Busby. Of the Holy Trinity. Maybe Sir Ryan Giggs.

Wayne needs to wake up if he thinks he's anywhere near that group of Legends... Gods.

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